Dirty Rumours: Ne-Yo Cheated?!

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So I hear that while Neyo's finance Monyetta Shaw was pregnant with their second child last year, Neyo had himself some fun on the side in Miami apparently getting it in with Miami Stripper DimePiece *Blankstare*
MTO provided the 'proof' to show the chemistry between the two. See the proof after the jump.

LOL he looks drunk outta his mind. I mean I can't say that I'm surprised to see a man cheat on their girlfriend/fiancee/wife but why?? And I guess she would have to put up with it too if she loves him and wants the money too...On a positive note Neyo was able to launch his own label the past few weeks and had party to celebrate down in Jamaica with all his celebrity friends :) Congrats Neyo!

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