Candids: Beyonce 1st and 2nd Post-preggo appearances

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Beyonce was seen out and about at the Carnegie Hall in New York. Click Read more to view the more pics of the Beyonce and her post-baby bod!

Beyonce leaving carnegie hall

She made an appearance to support hubby at a Charitable Concert at the Carnegie Hall and also at the 40/40 Club. I can definately respect the doubled-up spanks underneath her dress. Her shape looks fab of course and its good to see that her attention-seeking ways have not died after all :)

Beyonce steps out

Beyonce steps out

She looks would anyone with the amount of money she has. Women need to not be so amazed as to how Beyonce's figure looks post-baby because there are ALOT of things that she and any celebrity can have access to that WE do not. #JustSaying

photos credits:,Niecole Bitchie

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