Fashion Inspiration of February: Stacey Dash on Single Ladies

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Now I know the second season of 'Single Ladies' will go on without my beloved Stacey Dash due to some scandal behind the scenes (read here), I still adore her, she is one fab chick! Her fashion presence during the first season really caught my eye; read inside as to why Stacey's looks on the show deserve the praise!

The one responsible for Stacey dash looking so fab for the first season is Project Runway winner Anthony L. Williams, a talented Designer/Stylist that knows how to put the right pieces together. His gorgeous styling has really inspired me and many viewers of the hit serious 'Single Ladies' on VH1.

As you can see from the feminine cuts and chic one-piece outfits that the Designer/Stylist is known for a reason. If you've had a chance to watch the series, or even a few episodes, you'll see that Val (Stacey Dash's character) had an interesting look for every event - no matter how big or small. That's what I admired about her fashion stance in the show; no matter where you're going, you gotta dress like you might run into your worst enemy(ok not over the top done but you know what I mean, on point). Realistically now, Val is a character on the show that is financially set and not all of us are. Essentially the fashion message I get from her character is stay classy, chic and feminine - and that's something to take from the show and easily apply (even with a budget!).

VH1 had an 'ask Anthony' moment last year as the series was debuting so fans could get into the mind of the fashion guru. One fan tweeted and asked what it was like to work with Stacey Dash. He answered:
Stacey is amazing to work with…Only because she celebrates excellence which is one of the core characteristics of my brand. This was my first time styling anyone in this capacity and she was my teacher…At work we respected each other’s roles and after the makeup, the clothes, and the jewelry came off, we were in our sweats, tossing back cocktails and we cackled like girlfriends!!
Another fan asked the fashion guru about best places to shop and where he gets his fashion ideas for the show, he replied:
 I shop everywhere..Vintage, consignment, call in favors from fellow designers, Top Shop, Neiman Marcus, Zara Runway…I even shop out of Stacey’s closet. There have been random moments on set where I walked by a rack and stole a dress because I thought it would be fab on Stacey!
I love reading about fresh designers with ways to make chic looks so simple and effortless. If you want more tips on how to find fashion diamond in the roughs, or even gain more fashion knowledge, add Anthony Williams on twitter @SewAnthony! I cant wait for the second season...I wonder if the show can hold it's weight with leading lady Ms. Dash gone. Hmmm...

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