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If you don't know, now you know - Azealia Banks is the newest addition to Female Rap and let me tell you this girl has a sick flow!

It's no doubt that this 20 year old from Harlem not only has a strong background in music ( graduated from La Guardia High school of Performing Arts, a reputable school-look it up ) but she's a versatile artist; proof of this is caught on her catchy single "Liquorice" (below), wind it down track "L8R" or her blunt dance track "212". She's already generated a name for herself, has flown to Europe for concert tours and such, and has caught the eye of several record labels!  Don'r believe me? The chick has performed for Karl Legerfield in Paris, Head of Chanel - now that's big movement. I'll be looking out for her because she's fresh and brings something new to the table. Period.

Banks was signed to record label XL Records and was working with producer Richard Russell but apparently left that same year because of conflicting ideas. Ms. Bank$ stated:
"Richard [Russell] was cool, but as soon as I didn't want to use his beats, it got real sour. He wound up calling me 'amateur' and the XL interns started talking shit about me. It just got real fucking funny. I was like, 'I didn't come here for a date. I came here to cut some fucking records.' I got turned off on the music industry and disappeared for a bit. I went into a bit of a depression."
Good thing she stayed true to her artistry. The artist went on to say that's when she moved to Montreal, Quebec (Woooo Canada! lol) and began recording music on her own. That's when she recorded the hit 'L8R' and other songs using Youtube as her tool to distribute her music. Can't deny her hustle!
She knows she's good and has been known to have a not so great attitude, disputing that she should of been chosen to be included in XXL Magazine's freshman list; instead T.I's new artist from Australia, Iggy Azalea was chosen instead. Azealia tweeted a while back :
How can you endorse a white woman who called herself a ‘runaway slave master’?”
Sorry guys. But I’m pro black girl. I’m not anti white girl, but I’m also not here for any1 outside of my culture trying to trivialize very serious aspects of it.”
Iggy didn't respond directly to the remarks but tweeted :
You can’t block my blessings! Today I’m celebrating! Get with it or kick rocks!” 
First female freshman. Ever. Period. Thanks world! I used to stick XXL on my bedroom door, now I’m on the cover. Life is great.
Here's my opinion whether you want to hear it or not - XXL Magazine was in the wrong for putting Iggy in that lineup BUT we all know that Azealia could of handled that better. Come on girl, we're rooting for you!

Seen debuting her song Grand Scam, Azealia gives the audience of Hip Hop something to look forward to as I believe she definitely has what it takes to make it far. But of course, like so many (*cough* Nicki Minaj *cough*) I hope she'll also be able to grow and EVOLVE without becoming sidetracked from who she truly is and not what Corporate may tell her to be.

Peep Ms. Banks spitting Grand Slam below at the O2 Academy. It has been confirmed that she has begun filming her second official single Liquorice in Paris with Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti as her video director. This should be interesting...

So tell me, what do YOU think of Azealia Banks???

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