Dirty Moments: Nicki Minaj at the Grammy Awards

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Nicki Minaj and her "shocking" self arrived at the 2012 Grammys like this. *blank stare*
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She decided to perform like this... *blank stare*

And like this..
Nicki Minaj Grammys 2012
And like this..

The performance was literally an on-stage exorcism with religious imagery and even a Pope impersonator. And people are impressed? I'm guessing because Madonna pissed of the Roman Catholic Church, its cool for Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj to do it too?

Nicki had addressed on her twitter that she wished haters could quit making judgments seeing that she is/was simply expressing herself through performance. In MY opinion, I don't care about her expression and how she feels about her exorcism of a performance of her "coming out party for her alter ego Roman Zolanski", that ish is just evil. For those critics that say that she crossing over to the Pop side, the only reason for that is because she's waterdown, bubble gum hiphop (if you really still consider her that). She is not the same Nicki Minaj who came hard lyrically back in 2008 because that Nicki wouldn't be 'appeal' to mainstream. SMDH.

Many artists that have stayed true to their artistry and their music have been able to cross over successfully without having to go over the top or "shock" people or  provide a hardcore gimmick to move forward and cross over. Focus on your damn music Nicki. You are NOT the Black Madonna. 

And while I'm still rambling, let me explain to you how Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim are both losing out to eachother. Lil Kim will always be the one who pushed the envelope with gangster rap/hip hop.  She is the first "shocking" female raptress and had paved a new lane for female rappers. Although her fans (like myself) stick with her because of her history and years in the game, not because she came hard at Nicki because she didn't. With Nicki Minaj, she seems like shes moving ahead financially because her audience is 16 and under. Yeah.

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