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Hey Ashanti, I see you! I must say I am enjoying these new found spring colours this year - pastels. On that note, the 'Woman You Love' songstress was at Power 99 for start her promotion rounds yesterday morning. 

I guess because I (up in Canada...well Toronto anyways) am excited about summer with all this unusually warm weather these last couple of weeks, I can really appreciate this look. What I DO NOT appreciate is the fact that everyone feels compelled to wear those Red Bottoms. Don't get me wrong, they are lovely shoes and definately a statement shoe at its best, but ladies, we are blessed to have many talented designers who provide quality shoes of different shape, cut, colour, and/or price as well! Just saying...
I'm happy to say Ashanti has finally dropped her new video for her single 'Woman You Love'. She spoke to Philadelphia's Power 99 about turning down SEVEN offers from major record labels and launching her own record label called Written Entertainment (now that's bossy!) and what inspired her to title her album 'BraveHeart'. Peep the video below.

 Ashanti explained the motive behind titling her album:
The metaphor that I took was basically in the movie you have the Europeans, you have the soliders from London and the U.K.,” she said. “They have the big horses, they have the shields, the guns, the weapons… They’re all armored up. And then you have the Scots. They’re all raggedy, homemade weapons, and paint on their faces. It’s not an even playing ground, so I feel like with the [major labels], they’re bossed up. They have the big engine and all the artists signed to them and with the indies, it’s depending. It’s homemade, it’s homegrown. It’s a lesser engine. So the metaphor I was using was being brave and putting your blood and guts into it and fighting passionately to win.”
Ashanti has always been an artist to put 100% into her work. Kudos to her!

Heads up to the fashionistas, if you looking for where you can Ashanti's blazer, you can find it at www.farfetch.com for about  ₤643.00 (pounds)

What do you think? Are you feeling her look?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Christian Louboutin are the PUMPS of choice when it comes to the celebs but the shoes are GREAT! It all comes down to personal preference and if most(I say most because I do see celebs in other shoes) the stars like Red Bottoms that's up to them.

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