Round the way News: Terrance to pay over $50,000 to estranged wife!

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Terrance Howard looks like he's going to have to shell some cash in order to make his soon to be ex-wife happy. Terrance was accused of domestic abuse by his estranged wife Michelle, who went on to say that since the two got married in 2010, he had "violent assaulted" her on numerous occasions. Later on, Terrance accused Michelle of being an "evil racist" and had been blacklisted from Hollywood filmmakers because of the domestic abuse case. Terrance also reports how Michelle use to call him a n****r and then tried to extort money from him while claiming she would have the "Russians" kill him if he didn't do what she wanted! Wow. 
Now the LA Courts have stated that the Iron Man star is to give over $50,000.00 to hold her over until they work out a long-term arrangement and he has 30 days to do it!  According to TMZ, Michelle is has the following expenses:
1. $10 K in Temporary support (food, rent etc) 
2. $20 K for Lawyer retainers 
3. $20 K so the Accountants can be paid 
4. $1800 for her Range Rover car payments
SMH. I hate divorces. In this case, it's probably for the greater good because these two don't seem to get along at all! But I have some thoughts about this case First off Terrance, should the accusation be true, hitting women is not cool. Second, you cannot marry a woman of Asian descent and because you both got into a fight, call her an evil racist. Why would you marry her (or anyone from a different background than yours) in the first place if there's a possibility she might be one? Do you think it would shock anyone if you did? Thirdly, you need to tell her to either get a job or get rid of that car because no one is forcing her to have a damn Range Rover! Terrance, you are too talented for this mess! Just saying..

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