Round the way News: Ashanti is working with Cash Money?! Video Teaser of "The Woman You Love"

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I know what you're thinking, that's one serious dress! Besides the dress, word has it that Ashanti has the Cash Money team to help her out with her upcoming album!
Famous Rapper and CEO of Young Money, Lil' Wayne shared with Lenny Green of New York's 98.7 Kiss FM that Limp Bizkit has signed to the leading label and shared a timbit that Ashanti was on board too.
Lil' Wayne shared with Lenny Green of New York's 98.7 Kiss FM that working with Ashanti is in the works. 
I don’t wanna step across any boundaries, but I think we’re working with Ashanti right now.
I am just as surprised as the next person after hearing this from Lil' Wayne himself on the radio (not so surprised when I heard that Christina Milian has officially signed with the label as well...I don't think she's as talented as Ashanti, sorry) but this will give Ashanti the much needed promotion and exposure she was once accustomed to. Like Kelly Rowland, Ashanti needs to get a good team behind her in order to get a spotlight she deserves. 

Check out her teaser video for "The Woman You Love" below and tell me what you think.

The blue lipstick/sorcery look threw me off because I don't know how that tied in with the song or video but she's back and that's all I care about none the less!

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