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With The Dirty LINEN being a blog itself, I want my readers to know that its not all about promoting hatred when it comes to blogging as the entertainment industry is something that feeds of our opinions; the consumer. Celebrities, just like us, have feelings too and I respect that. Although understand that the decisions you make as persons in the spotlight are always going to be perceived and judged by those who are not.
With that said, I was reading some round the way gossip of the day from other blogs in the world wide web (I'm trying my best to keep up), I noticed some extreme hatred from certain blogs that I feel should be shut the hell DOWN because of the ridiculous "opinions" that they're promoting. 
As the main contributor to The Dirty LINEN, I want to let you know if you want to see more pictures, hear more music, see more fashion, read more on gossip events, or have feedback, please feel free to email me at or vote on the poll below. I know I have some fans in Europe * waves hello at readers from Europe * and I want to make sure I am not spreading any misinformation about those in the spotlight. 
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