Lola Monroe: Stay Scheming Freestyle

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Angel Lola Love or Lola Monroe has made the swift transition from video vixen to female emcee. The Ethiopian-born rapper has had a passion for music and wasn't afraid to showcase her talents. The video above is from the track Stay Scheming and I'm loving it! She has a good flow (Biggie, Big Pun, Bone Thugz influence maybe?) and I hope that when she makes that cross from mixtape to mainstream that she doesn't lose her touch like so many. Please agree with me when I say that we need more of a female influence when it comes to HipHop & Rap!
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Lola Monroe had an interview with All HipHop a while back about comparsions between herself and Nicki Minaj. She commented and said:
"I don't do the Barbie thing -- that's her thing," LoLa said in an intervew. "I really don't agree with it, that's basic. It doesn't make sense to me because first off, you're basically saying I'm jacking somebody who has never been known to have their style all throughout their career. She's never been set to have her own style. It's always been set to say she's jacking Lil' Kim to Foxy [Brown] and now Lil Wayne. So how can I be jacking somebody or using somebody's style if they never been known to have their own style. That part never made sense. That's one. Another thing, it kind of comes from Wayne is in the foundation of my music and what I've listened to him for years and years. So you can hear his styles in my music. And you know, that's her mentor and that's somebody whom she's under and so she's known to sound like Wayne. That's all they say about her now. I believe the similarities may have come from that but besides that, I have my own style, I have my own lane. She does what she does, ya feel me?"
I completely agree not only with the comparisons others are making but the comments about Nicki Minaj's image. Lola is the truth ... besides the skin bleaching which I'm going to over look this ONE time because it seems like everyone is into that shit and I don't know why smdh. Anyways, word has it that she has just signed onto Wiz Khalifa's label Taylor Gang and that's good because Wiz doesn't seem to be all into gimmicks too much if you ask me.
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