Candids: Tyra Banks Completes Harvard Business School

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Well congrats to Tyra Banks for just completing her Business diploma at Harvard Business School! For a model who has done it all and seen it all, she has definately won some brownie points for this move. So there you have it folks, you are NEVER too old for education!  
If you know anything about Tyra, you know that she's a smart girl and was accepted at many prestigious universities. Her father wanted her to go to college and she chose to let school go and go to Paris and start her modeling career. Not a bad move for her, I would say. She's never been an air head and has always had some substance to her.
Many schools have programs like this and this happens to be a prestigious one at Harvard. She had to be accepted into this program, she couldn't just walk up and say she was Tyra Banks. 
Read about her experience at the school here and enjoy the photos snapped by her momma after the jump (thanks to YBF)

Awww! Congrats again Tyra!

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